Xpuipc x-plane download

Xpuipc x-plane

Both download sites for XPUIPC I can find are no longer functional. Does anyone know what happened or where XPUIPC can be downloaded. Hi Flyers. Currently there two ways to fly using FSA and X-Plane. First use the plugin client or the normal external client via XPUIPC. This version of XPUIPC () and XPWideClient () were updated specifically to allow smartCARS Premium restore to work for X-Plane users.

XPUIPC is just a way for X-Plane to communicate with addons that require it. Just like FSUIPC for FSX\P3D. Place your XPUIPC folder into the. For those that run X-Plane 64 bit and have missed your Plan-G some good news. :) XPUIPC 64 bit has been released. It is available at. RemoteFlight - Flight Simulator (FSX, FS9) and X-Plane gauges for iPhone, iPad If you are X-Plane pilot on Windows, use XPUIPC library(Available here).

It enables some Microsoft Flight Simulator addons to be used with X-Plane, by imitating the Another plugin like it is XPUIPC, but that is not open source. And then I thought wouldn't it be nice to use the MS FS addons with X-Plane.. To achieve that I created the XPUIPC plugin. To the outside. I wonder wether is possible, I know that navdata is from Navigraph and FS9,FSX, P3D, to connect to X-Plane throughout XPUIPC, like any other.